Prativa Sharma, Prabha Adhikari, Himal Adhikari, Surya Sharma Bhatta

Doi: 10.26480/mahj.01.2022.19.21

This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License CC BY 4.0, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited

Livestock contributes 12.5% of Agricultural GDP in Nepal. Out of which 6% comes from buffaloes. Indigenous breeds of buffaloes identified in Nepal are Lime, Gaddi and Parkote. Although Gaddi breed is superior to other indigenous breeds, their pure breeds are rarely found in the country. The production traits reviewed were Lactation length, Colostrum period, Days to reach peak milk yield, dry period, calving interval, average daily milk production, peak milk yield, lactation milk yield which were found to be 420 days, 3-4 days, 105 days, 228 days, 702 days, 3.5 liters, 5.3litres, 1222.6litres respectively. This data reveals better lactation efficiency of Gaddi breed. Due to poor management practices, lack of awareness of farmers, lack of appropriate breeding policies and negligence of the government on its proper conservation, they are about to be extinct. Therefore, appropriate selection program within the breeds and establishment of the nucleus herds, application of advance breeding tools such as artificial insemination, initiation of community-based conservation should be adapted as soon as possible in order prevent them from extinction.

Pages 19-21
Year 2022
Issue 1
Volume 2