Zibeline International is committed to publishing high-quality scientific research in a broad range of scientific and related disciplines.

  • International publisher with a strong base in ASEAN
  • Committed, highly qualified and experienced in-house editorial team
  • Global marketing team
  • Open access Journals
  • Strong partnerships with established learned societies
  • Liberty APC model on selected journals
  • Drawing on our extensive publishing experience we will work with you;
  • A book project that you would like Zibeline International to consider for potential publication
  • A journal author looking for the best platform to publish their work because of the subject matter, indexation requirements, Open Access or access through subscription, language – Chinese or English, etc.
  • A Learned Society seeking a publisher for its journal
  • A conference organizer seeking the ideal solution for publishing conference proceedings, and considering aspects such as indexation of the content, visibility, etc.

Partner with Us

Zibeline International is also proud to partner with institutions, publishers, libraries and repositories. Please contact us to discuss a collaborative partnership. We would be more than happy to provide references or contact information from our existing partners.

Our Services

  • Publication of monographs and book series
  • Publication of conference proceedings
  • Web hosting
  • We also provide you with a powerful web-based publishing platform, Vision4Press, for hosting and disseminating the content of your journal. This platform includes:
    • Article identification using DOI® (Digital Object Identifier),
    • links in references to other publishers using CrossRef®,
    • E-first,
    • Email alerts,
    • RSS feeds,
    • Export of metadata and full text articles to specialised databases and index services
    • Metrics and Altmetrics.
  • Export of articles to Repositories.
  • Publication of society owned journals
  • Online editorial management system; quick and easy online submission and article tracking (Editorial Manager® or Manuscript Management System
  • Copy editing, layout and production of articles, language editing and final proofing of articles.
  • Strategic journal development and global marketing services.
  • Advice on the most appropriate business model for your journal (open access).
  • Advice on publication ethics, practices and new developments in the publishing arena.