Malaysian Animal Husbandry Journal (MAHJ) publishes research articles, reviews, short communication in English in all fields of animal and poultry science: genetics and breeding, genetic engineering, reproduction, embryo manipulation, nutrition, feeds and feeding, physiology, anatomy, environment and behaviour, animal products (milk, meat, eggs and their by-products) and their processing, and livestock economics.

There is no restriction on the length of the papers. Our aim is to encourage scientists to publish their experimental and theoretical research in as much detail as possible. Full experimental details and/or method of study, must be provided for research articles. Articles submitted that involve subjecting animals to unnecessary pain or suffering will not be accepted, and all articles must be submitted with the necessary ethical approval for animal research.

Researchers must have respect for animals’ worth, regardless of their utility value, and for animals’ interests as living, sentient creatures. Researchers must be respectful when choosing their topic and methods, and when disseminating their research. Researchers must provide care that is adapted to the needs of each laboratory animal.

Topics include but not limited to;

  • Physiology and physical structure of animals (e.g., breeding mechanisms, nutritional needs, development etc.) and its relevance to the ecosystem in which they live
  • Evolution, phylogeny, genetics taxonomy and biodiversity of animals
  • Protection and restoration of endangered and threatened species
  • Abundance and distribution of animals and the relevance to sustainability of the ecosystem
  • Predator-prey dynamics and interactions between animals in ecological communities
  • Animal behavioural and psychological responses to human activity and the environment
  • Management of captive and domesticated animals
  • Rehabilitation of animals into the wild
  • animal ethics and the morality of their use in human society
  • Pest management
  • Animal derived food
  • Animal diseases and public health
  • Ethnobiological and cross-cultural perspectives on animals

Preference will be given to those articles that incorporate interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary research to provide an integrated understanding of animals and their relationships with humans. Standards and guidelines related to animal welfare, or comments/suggestions upon those standards